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Hudson Cemetery is located in Kennedale, Tarrant Co., Texas. The first interment occurred in July 1878 after the death a week apart of Ary May and Arra Belle Hudson, four-year-old twin daughters of John Dickson Hudson and Winnie Stokes Trayler Hudson. The Hudsons later deeded the cemetery to an association and the cemetery is maintained and in use today. Blood and marriage ties through several generations relate many of those buried in Hudson Cemetery. It became essentially a community cemetery used by families that lived nearby and their descendants.

A Texas State Historical marker (marker text) for the Hudson Cemetery was dedicated 31 October 1998 (newspaper article). There are 570 names included in the cemetery list. The earliest listed interment was in 1878 and the latest in 2000. The earliest reported birth date is 1814; the latest 1989.

A photo of the Hudson twins' tombstone appears below.

twins' grave

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